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Environmental work

Environmental work

Thorough environmental initiatives

Sustainability is one of Hestra's core values. We make high quality gloves that are highly durable. A long product life reduces the consumption of raw materials and lowers the impact on the environment.

We encourage our customers to care for their gloves and to replace the liners – not the entire glove – when the liners wear out. However, our work toward sustainability is not only found in our products. Materials, energy, transportation and waste are some of the environmental issues that we systematically work with to improve.

One advantage in our environmental efforts is that we own the factories where our gloves are manufactured, and are able to control the production chain. Hestra is one of the few environmentally certified manufacturing companies in the ski and outdoor world.

We introduced the ISO 9001 quality management system in the mid-1990s and the environmental management system ISO 14001 during 2008-2009.